PMO stands for Project Management Office

The use of a PMO group in the current business environment can give a company the edge they need to increase their efficiency to beat their rivals in the global market. They are the equivalent of the quality assurance team for the quality department when referring to projects, their standards and documentation systems.

To create a PMO at your facility, a great deal of planning must be done. This is a group of people that works behind the scenes to make sure the processes, projects and all the procedures are in place to follow the current global standards so you’re deliverable are acceptable by the market place.

 A few of the early standards that must have been adhered for products to be considered acceptable include Prince2 and PMBOK. With the growing influence of the European market ISO900 system is growing in importance and stature. This type of updating is the only purpose and meaning for the PMO group. It is not only their job, but their responsibility that no matter where their company’s products are to be sold, they will meet or exceed the standards of that area of commerce.

With the growing of the marketplace going global, the need to stay attuned to the different governments and their regulatory requirements has also falling under the responsibility of the PMO group.  It can never be assumed, even within the European Union that every country has the same requirements for products. This is not only involving the deliverables, but the shipping needs and customs requirements.

The need for a PMO group within an organization has been recognized by the fact that over 90% of all projects do not meet the necessary requirements to be considered a success. This includes on time completion, within the budget and of the quality set forth in the business case for the project.

The PMO  is not a cost cutting measure but an efficiency improvement group that will help your company do better business in more places than ever before. They will help to reduce the rejection rate of your products due to regulations and red tape more than any other organization within your business. This approach to business is taken by those companies that desire to be competitive for a long period of time and not just in business for a quick buck.

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