PMO is the Department that sets the Standards

The PMO is the Project Management Office department of an organization that establishes the standards that the rest of the staff is to follow in their daily business practices. This allows your organization can follow the accepted paths that will permit their deliverables to be accepted by their target customer base.

The typical PMO has a set of standards it follows that are now for the international and global market. This will include Pronce2, PMBOK and ISO9000. Each one is separate, but their goals are similar. This is to follow a set of standards on specific issues that are acceptable so a business or organization can attain a particular level of performance and be judged if they have met the criteria.

For most organizations, the PMO department is created from scratch. The personnel might be from other departments, but the tasks and roles of this new department are new to the organization so a new set of procedures are necessary to be documented and implemented.

The PMO will identify problems within their organization and find solutions for these problems typically using online project management assessment tools. They will then offer several different solutions the other departments can take in solving or overcoming the problems that have been identified.

The thought behind the use of a PMO department is to centralize the services of an organization so a cost reduction can be achieved. This is done efficiently since this will remove redundant like services that might already exist in many different departments already.

The core activities of the PMO department are to organize the company thru self assessments and look for ways to improve each process. By standardizing the processes of an organization, less time is used in integrating the changes since the staff will be familiar with it from other instances where it is used.

The PMO department is the new and best way to get your company organized so redundancies can be eliminated in an effeicent manner. This allows for a more effeicent use of time and resources when undertaking several projects at once for a business.

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