Page Summary Panel in your Project Management Methodology

Tip – Page Summary Panel in your Project Management Methodology

So what is the “Page Summary” panel all about? When the page summary presents a summarized description of the page you are viewing. Every unique page within MPMM project management methodology has a unique description which tells you what the purpose of the page is and what is included within it.

There is such a large volume of content included within MPMM project management methodology, that it is worth reading the Summary Panel to find out what the page is about and when it will be useful to you. With over 1,000 content pages, charts, tables and practical examples, the Page Summary panel is the easiest way to find out whether the page currently displayed in the centre “Display Panel” is the page that you are looking for.

If you are a Professional Edition user, then you can actually customize the content that is displayed in the Page Summary panel. Either create a duplicate of MPMM (to enable you to edit it) or open your own customized project management methodology, then open the relevant methodology page (using the Methodology Manager) and type your summary description into the “Summary” field provided on the left hand side. Any content you write in there will be displayed in the “Page Summary” panel when you save and close the Methodology Project Manager.

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