Other Project Methodology Products

Q: What is the progress of our other methodology products? Are you considering building Issue Management Software?

A: We originally set out to build 4 unique methodology products for project management. They are

  • MPMM.com (the Method123 Project Management Methodology)
  • MPOM.com (the Method123 Project Office Methodology)
  • MPGM.com (the Method123 Program Management Methodology)
  • MPFM.biz (the Method123 Portfolio Management Methodology)

While we still plan to release the 3 other methodologies, we’ve spent the past 12 months on building another product – which is Online Project Management Software. This software helps you plan, track and report on projects online. You can also use a Project Plan template. In 12 months time, when this software (ProjectManager.com) is complete from a features point of view, we’ll return to our plan and complete the 3 other methodologies to complete our methodology offering.

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