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MPMM Client Enquiry

1. How you deliver the product?

MPMM Project Management Software is available for immediate download after the purchase is complete.

2. Is there a book included in this project management software?

Yes we have a free eBook available (downloadable version only) as well as a Free Project Management Templates .

3. Is the project management programme on cd, dvd, etc.?

MPMM is only available for download online.

4. If I purchase for 2 users, how we can use in different places or in different country (please explain method of networking)?

If you have a network that has open access then you can install our multi-user license to interact.

5. For the time being I am working abroad when I go back to my native country, can I use the project management software there? Or do I have to take my computer with me?

We have a multi-user license system for this purchase which can allow you to purchase more than one license for less than half the price. Let me know if you are interested and i can send you the pricing list. But to answer your question MPMM is locked down on the PC. We do have Online Project Management Software that you can access anywhere around the world.

6. After purchasing MPMM, are there any restrictions?

There is no restriction, apart from the licensing system we have in place. The licensing system we have doesn’t allow you to switch computers unless there is an error with the software.

7. In future if I want to upgrade than what should be the method and payment (explain in detail)?

Upgrading at this stage is free of charge.

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