New Tutorials for Project Management Methodology

Did you know…NewTutorials for Project Management Methodology

That we have recently released a new Tutorial for MPMM? Within the Professional Edition, you can click on the “Tutorial” tab and select to read a number of tutorials for project managers and teams. Each tutorial describes for a particular project role, how to use the unique features provided by MPMM, to improve your success in managing projects.

For instance, if you’re a Project Manager, you can read the tutorial to find out how to create your own Project Managment Methodology, use the templates to build new project deliverables and improve the way that you monitor and control projects.

As a Senior Manager, you will learn how to customize your project management methodology for your department, train new staff in your project management methodology and implement your methodology across all of your projects.

As a PMO Manager, you can learn how to upload and customize your existing project management methodology used by your company. It also explains how to implement your methodology for projects that are within your control.

As a Team Member, you will learn how to use the MPMM project management methodology, project management templates and business case studies to build project deliverables faster and more efficiently than before. You can also read about improving your project management expertise, by using the knowledge and tools included within MPMM itself.

As a consultant, you will learn how to use to MPMM to win more clients, manage client projects and create high quality project deliverables.

As a trainer, you will learn how to use MPMM to create and run project management training courses, build presentation materials, run seminars and perform one –on-one coaching.

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