New Project Management Methodologies Feature

New Project Management Methodologies Feature

Request: Can you please add an “Undo” button to the Methodology Manager to project management metholodologies, to help me undo any mistakes I make?
Answer: Yes definitely, this is a good idea. We have added it to the product road map.

Request: When can I have a server version?
Answer: We will work on a server version in 2007. Certainly within 12 months, a proper server version will be available. We will probably release it on the Microsoft server platform and allow users with windows servers such as NT+ to be able to operate MPMM project management methodologies in a shared multi-user environment.

Request: When upgrading, I’d like to be able to hit an “upgrade” button from the settings tab – is this possible?
Answer: Yes we already have this one planned for an interim release in this project management methodologies, by March 2007.

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