New MPMM project methodology process manager

When you create customized project management methodologies within MPMM you will usually want to model your project management processes at the same time. To do this, most existing clients will use a process modelling tool such as Visio to create specific project management processes for their business. However within the next 12 months, we will release this core functionality within MPMM itself. It is a lot of work but it means that you will be able to create process diagrams within the MPMM project management software tool set, so that you can use processes as part of your methodology when managing projects. A Project Manager will be able to create a generic project management process within MPMM itself, and then describe that process by writing detailed procedures for those that should be completed. They can then attach forms, templates, practical examples and business case studies to each process to add further explanation as to how it should be completed.

The MPMM Support Team

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