Navigating a Project Management Process

How to Navigate MPMM Project Management Process?

Did you know…
That there are a variety of ways that you can navigate MPMM project management process? This project management process includes thousands of content pages, charts, tables, templates, forms, processes and practical examples. To help you to navigate the content quickly and easily, we have added a suite of navigation features. These features help you to get to the content that you need to access quickly and easily.

The most popular way of accessing the variety of content included within MPMM, is to use the navigation tabs at the top of the product. In the MPMM Professional edition, these tabs are titled, “Starting Off”, “Lifecycle”, “Templates” and “Business Case”. You can select either of these tabs, to navigate to the respective content of this project management process.

You can also use the navigation panel on the left hand side, to navigate to the respective content pages within each project management topic. For instance, under the “Lifecycle” tab, you can select any of the links on the left hand side to access the project initiation, planning, execution and closure pages directly.

As well as the content tabs and the navigation panel, you can navigate to other pages through internal page links, the “Related Topics” panel on the right hand side, and the navigation buttons at the bottom.

Together, these features make it easy to find the right online project management materials for your project, when you need them.

The MPMM Support Team

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