Multi-user version of project management software

Q: We are looking to locate a project management and methodology software that we can custom design project management templates for. The software should function in single or multi-user mode but be able to replicate data via the internet back to a central consolidating server. The aim is to deploy this globally to all consultants and all customers to assist in multiple projects. The system MUST be easy to use for non-  project managers with clear description fields and methodology sections. As the system is to provide replication via the web but with offline functionality, it should not be a huge file. It must also be cheap enough to distribute to thousands of users. Can you please advise if MPMM is capable of the above?

A: Although MPMM is currently distributed to each user’s PC directly in stand-alone format, we are looking into ways of releasing it to large numbers of users in a bulk fashion. We have already started the development of a shared user version. This version will reside on your internal web server and will allow you to access all of your internal and external clients across the internet using a web browser. This edition will be released within the next 6 months.

The MPMM Support Team

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