Multi-User Project Management Process Licenses

Multi-User Project Management Process Licenses

Q: Would it be possible for me to translate the templates in the MPMM project management process Standard Edition to the Slovak language and print them for my clients? I am a business and project consultant in Slovakia and in case I decide to buy your software I would probably need to translate individual lines and headings in your templates into Slovak language so that my Slovak clients would understand them.

A:  Yes you can translate the templates as you like, as long as you are distributing the templates as printed copies, and not electronically.

Q: I have the following questions about the MPMM project management process Professional multi-user license:

1. Does it share the same database, so for example, can the project director and/or executive management view/edit/print the status of any project managed by the project manager team?
2. What reports are available?
3. What project plan view available? Gantt, Pert, etc.

A: Thank you for your question. To answer your question, currently the MPMM project management process is downloaded to the PC. We don’t have a server version which allows you to share the same database. The reason for this is that you don’t technically enter any data into the tool that is required to be shared. MPMM instead provides you with data, regarding how to complete projects successfully. It’s a desktop application, much like MS Word and Excel. There are a suite of reports and templates available within the project management process, such as a Post Implementation Review Report, a Business Case Report, a Project Closure Report, and a Project Status Report etc. There is a whole section on Project Planning within the tool. This section tells you how to effectively plan projects from start to finish. It takes you through how to create a Work Breakdown Structure, create a Gantt chart and create other valuable planning documentation. I suggest that you purchase a single user license first and then determine whether it meets your needs. I hope this answers your questions.

The MPMM Support Team

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