Multi-User Project Management Methodologies Licenses

Did you know…Multi-User Project Management Methodologies Licenses

How to find out about getting a multi-user license? For each license you purchase, you can install MPMM (Project Management Methodologies) on one PC, laptop or other device. However if you want your team to use MPMM and you wish to really make use of the export and import features provided within the MPMM Professional edition, then why not consider purchasing a multi-user license? You can purchases licenses in small denominations (such as 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 licenses) or licenses in greater quantities (100+).

One advantage of buying project management methodologies licenses in bulk is the discount rate. For license purchases up to 100 users, you can get up to a 65% discount off the cost per individual licenses. For license purchases over 100 users, you can get even greater discounts on the price of each individual license.

When you purchase a multi-user project management methodologies license, you will receive a serial number for the respective number of licenses you’ve purchased. Then simply download and install the MPMM trial edition on each of the PCs that you have purchased a license for, and enter the serial number provided.

You will be required to activate your license (usually online) and the number of activations that you have assigned will match your number of licenses purchased. In this way, you can ensure that you install and activate MPMM on the same number of PCs that you have licenses for. It’s a fairly simple process that allows organizations to download and install MPMM on a large number of PC’s quickly and easily. Try Project Manger or Project Management Kit.

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