MPMM vs. the project management templates

Q: I know that you have previously created the project management template product advertised at Method123. But what are the benefits in upgrading to MPMM? What are the differences between the products and what real value does MPMM add to helping me to manage my projects?

A: The project management templates included on allow you to complete any phase in the online project management life cycle faster than before, by giving you a pre-completed template for each step in that phase. While this is great, it does not tell you when and how to use each template. That is where MPMM steps in. It provides you with an entire project management process for managing projects. It describes in this process every phase, activity and task that needs to be completed in order to deliver a project from start to finish. The value in using a methodology is that you will be conducting your project in a logical, repeatable fashion making your project management effort more efficient along the way.

The MPMM Support Team

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