MPMM Project Methodology Enterprise

Since we released MPMM Project Manager Enterprise last Christmas, we’ve received a huge number of enquiries from customers and resellers. To ensure that you’re up-to-date with the latest reseller info on this edition, I’ve listed here the most popular reseller FAQS. Please read them.

Q: Where can I read about MPMM Enterprise?
A: Visit this web page:

Q: Do you have a video that we can watch, to see it in action?
A: Yes, we have just released a new video on MPMM Enterprise. You can watch it here

Q: Can I collect payments for Enterprise license sales?
A: No. We will manage the payments collection and commission distribution process for you.

Q: Is the Enterprise Edition price fixed?
A: Like all our products, you have the right to sell them at whatever price you choose. However for the Enterprise edition, because it has an open organization license, the minimum price we advise is the RRP advertised on our website.

Q: Can we buy MPMM Enterprise for our own use?
A: Unfortunately, resellers are not able to purchase the Enterprise edition for their own use. The product and associated license are intended for external customers only.

Q: Does the Coupon Code on the Shopping cart work for MPMM Enterprise?
A: The coupon code on the shopping cart is disabled for Enterprise edition license sales. The reason is that we need to handle the License Agreement manually, as described above.

Q: What is the commission on Project Methodology Enterprise license sales?
A: You receive 15 per cent of all Enterprise edition license sales and 30 per cent of all other edition license sales.
If you have any questions, then please let us know. MPMM Enterprise sales are going extremely well. Recent sales include a US state Department, one of the largest Companies in Denmark and the largest bank in the Philippines. So you have a great product to springboard from.

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