MPMM Project Methodologies for Enterprise

Q: How is the enterprise version deployed?
A: You can download and install the project management software, from the MPMM website. Either you can install it in stand-alone mode, or in shared mode. In shared mode, you will all access a common database. The database installation is handled when you first install the product. Usually, IT support are not required as it doesn’t require any special privileges on the server to install it.

Q: Are there any limits on number of persons who can use the system at the same time, e.g. in a large training session?
A: The database uses the Microsoft Jet Engine, which we are told can handle up to 200 concurrent users, however this volume of concurrent users has not been tested. It’s fair to say that most people that purchase MPMM Enterprise should not have a large number of people whom access the content concurrently. Instead, they have purchased it to be able top publish the content on their intranet – for which they can have as many people access concurrently as they wish.

Q: Can access levels be set-up in the MPMM system?
A: Anyone who has MPMM Enterprise installed has access to read and edit any of the project methodologies that are in the shared database. What usually happens is that there are usually 5-10 people with MPMM enterprise installed and their roles are to create and customize project methodologies for the organization. Once the project methodologies are ready to be published, they use MPMM to publish it to their intranet (typically Sharepoint). So with this use in mind, your intranet handles all of the security privileges needed to control access to the content generated using MPMM.

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