MPMM project management software technical details

Q: Can you please tell me what the technical details are for the MPMM software. Which technologies were used to build it and what is the strategy for new emerging technologies coming out in the marketplace?

A: MPMM consists of two key components; the content and the software that it is wrapped in.  The content was created by the founders of Method123, after taking the learnings of thousands of projects and the feedback from tens of thousands of customers.  It was also created to be in alignment with the two worldwide standards for project management tools: Prince2 and PMBOK.  The project management software was then created to provide a means for securely delivering the content to clients.  The software was written in .NET and it has a database backend which was created in MySQL.  It uses the .NET framework to enable customers to be able to navigate content quickly and easily.  Over the next 21 months, we will revisit the architecture to make sure that we are making the most of the newly deployed Windows Vista and Microsoft Office technologies.

The MPMM Support Team

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