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Customer Enquiry
We just got the approval of our Board to procure an off-the-shelf project management professional methodology. We’re seriously considering MPMM. But if it is alright with you, may I ask MPMM’s edge over IIL’s Unified Project Management Methodology.

Also, do you have any requirements from our end for our procurement of MPMM if ever? Do you also accept bank transfer as payment method? Under our procurement system, we cannot pay through credit card, check or paypal?

Answer to Customer
It’s a pleasure to hear from you again. Well done on getting approval!

And it’s a great question you’ve asked. There are actually a lot of differences between MPMM and UPMM (lets call it “IIL”). I have listed the differences for you as follows:

– Price: IIL is much more expensive than MPMM. It’s typically priced at between $10,000 – $250,000 USD depending on the size of your organization. And it usually needs a suite of consulting services to implement it, which is why it’s so expensive. Whereas MPMM is just $9,995 for an organization wide license and you have the flexibility of scale down to the Project Management Professional edition (which starts from just $495) if you wish.
– Free Trial: You can’t try IIL easily, it requires their assistance to do to. However MPMM can be downloaded and installed by yourself on the internet at any time.
– Consulting: You need consulting services from IIL to be able to customize IIL. So you’re locked in to using their services long term Whereas you can customize MPMM yourself whenever you want, by simply editing the methodologies included and clicking “Save”.
– Customizations: IIL has a set number of methodologies content included. Whereas with MPMM, you can create and customize as many methodologies as you wish. We allow you to import your existing methodology content easily as well.
– Integration: IIL has a fixed format. Whereas MPMM is also integrated with Microsoft Word, allowing you to import Microsoft Project Word documents and edit them within MPMM itself.
– Scalability: IIL is not easily scalable. Whereas for MPMM, you can choose the processes you want to work with and delete the rest.
– Publishing: In MPMM Enterprise, you can quickly and easily publish your methodologies to the intranet.
– Usage: IIL have just a few hundred customer installations. Whereas more than 150,000 Project Teams around the world use MPMM. We’re the market leaders due to the ability to create, customize and publish as many project methodologies as you wish, through the simple click of a button.

In short, MPMM is much cheaper, more scalable, more flexible and easier to use than IIL.

Here is further information to help make your purchasing decision:
– MPMM Enterprise:
– MPMM Enterprise Brochure:
– MPMM Project Management Professional:
– Multi-user Professional:

And to answer your other question regarding payment, we don’t have any specific procurement requirements. You simply need to request an invoice from us and the invoice we give you will provide the Bank Transfer details you need. Then make payment using Bank Transfer and we will immediately send you the product serial number and licensing details. It’s that easy.

I can give you a call to help you further if you’d like. Or email us with more questions if you’d like. We’re here to help.

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