MPMM Project Management Methodology Index

Project Management Methodology Index

How the MPMM project management methodology Index Works? The Index lists each of the most popular terms that are used in the project management industry, and are relevant to the “Method123 Project Management Methodology” (otherwise known as MPMM). This list of terms is provided within the core product and may be altered within the Professional Edition “Methodology Manager” software.

When you select a term that is listed in the Methodology Manager, in the results panel directly below, it lists each of the documents which are related to the term you have selected. These documents either contain the term that you have selected, or are generally related to that document. The items that are displayed at the top of the results panel have the highest level of relevancy to the index term you have selected.

When you then choose an item that is displayed in the results panel, the relevant MPMM project management methodology content page is displayed in the primary display panel. In this way, you can find and view content within MPMM that is related to the popular terms for project management which are used in the industry.

This Online Project Management and Project Management Tools provide similar strategies.

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