MPMM Project Management Methodologies Top Goals – 2007

MPMM Project Management Methodologies Top Goals – 2007

Wonder what we have in store for you in 2007?

Rather than keep it a secret, we thought we’d tell you about our topĀ goals for 2007 right here:

1. New Product Reseller Program
2. Create Business Partner Program
3. License the PMBOK & include in MPMM project managment methodologies
4. License Prince2 & include in MPMM project management methodologies
5. Build a Community Website for PMs
6. Add Microsoft Project, workflow and document management features to MPMM project management methodologies
7. Create a Template Generator to help you create new project managment templates quickly
8. Implement MPMM project management methodologies in universities around the world
9. Release
10. Release
11. Release

Whew! We have a lot planned for 2007, so if you have thoughts and ideas on how we can make these challenges a success, then please email us, we’d love to hear from you.

The MPMM Support Team
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