MPMM Project Management Methodologies Creation

Why MPMM Project Management Methodologies was created?

MPMM® stands for the “Method123 Project Management Methodology”. It was created by the founders of to solve 3 common business problems:

  • The failure of a high percentage of projects to deliver on time.
  • The lack of use of a suitable Project Management Methodology.
  • The lack of available project managment methodologies in the marketplace.

MPMM are project management methodologies. This methodology acts like a road map, showing Project Managers how to complete every step in the Project Lifecycle. By following this road map, project managers can deliver projects in a much more efficient and structured fashion. They will follow a repeatable structure when managing projects, so they can complete project activities faster and more effectively than ever before.

MPMM gives:

  • Project Managers a set of repeatable processes for managing projects.
  • Project Sponsors a single Project Management Life Cycle for their organization.
  • PMO Managers a framework for monitoring and controlling projects.
  • Project Auditors a method for reviewing and auditing projects.
  • Project Teams the templates needed to build deliverables quickly.

So that’s a brief overview of why the MPMM project management methodologies was created and what it offers a Project Manager and a Project Team.

The MPMM Support Team

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