MPMM Project Management Methodologies 3.0 Underway

Customizable Project Management Methodologies On The Way
After launching their new Project Management Methodologies software, Method123 Ltd announced today that they will release a customizable edition in just 8 weeks time.

(PRWEB) September 7, 2006 — The Method123 Project Management Methodologies called “MPMM” is a software tool that you download to your PC to improve the success of your projects. It takes Project Managers through each of the steps needed to manage a project, in accordance with the worldwide project management standards PMI PMBOK and Prince2.

“By making this methodology completely customizable, teams can merge their existing processes with MPMM best practice processes to create a methodology that perfectly fits their business,” says Jason Westland, chief executive and founder of Method123 Ltd.

“Project Managers, Project Management Offices and Project Teams like to use best practice processes, as it reduces their project risk. It makes sense that if you implement processes that have been used by thousands of teams around the world to deliver projects successfully, then you’ll boost your own chances of success,” says Mr Westland.

“MPMM provides these best practice processes to help you manage projects. Each process describes how to manage an element of the project, faster and more efficiently than before. For instance, say you want to manage project risk: The MPMM Risk Project Management Methodologies Process will tell you how to identify project risk, how to quantify it and how to mitigate it effectively. It then goes one step further by providing a suite of risk management templates and case studies to help you to manage risk properly. All of the 20 critical Project Management Processes are described in MPMM in this way. It’s an incredibly comprehensive toolset for projects.”

As well as providing a complete Project Management Methodologies, MPMM also contains thousands of content pages, tables, charts and tools to help managers and teams deliver projects. Each task in the Project Management Life Cycle is explained in depth, along with templates and case studies to help the Project Manager practically implement it.

Project Management Consultants and Trainers also gain great benefit from MPMM,” says Mr Westland. “Consultants use project management methodologies to deliver their clients projects on time and within budget. Trainers use the methodology to teach best practice project management principles. MPMM gives consultants and trainers the tools to improve project management practices within their client’s organizations. Using this tool kit, they never have to start from scratch. Every time they start a new client project, they’re already one step ahead as they have a complete project framework to start with. So it increases their profit on each consulting job.”

Mr Westland says that project teams, consultants and trainers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to adopt a best practice methodology for their projects. “Projects used to be run organically, with no structure and a loose framework. They had a poor success rate, typically suffering from scope creep and cost overruns. This is no more. Successful Project Managers today run projects by implementing standard, repeatable processes. They adopt a proven project lifecycle with a pre-determined series of steps for running projects. After customizing these steps for their project, they then have the framework, methods, processes and tools needed to complete project tasks quickly and efficiently. Their teams have a clear roadmap for delivering their project, and they themselves have all of the tools they need to keep the project on track. MPMM provides them with this proven formula for success.”

The MPMM Project Life Cycle is used by more than 45,000 people in 60 countries worldwide. MPMM another Method123 product.

The MPMM Support Team

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