MPMM for project management consulting

Q: I am a junior project management consultant and I am considering going out on my own. I would like to gain a handful of good clients who need project management services, and use MPMM to deliver their projects successfully. Can you please advise me on how to do this?

A: you are on the right track. To consult on your own, you need three things: 1) a small set of clients who value your services; 2) a tool set that helps you deliver their projects on time and under budget; 3) the confidence needed to manage existing relationship and to gain new clients to boost your revenues. MPMM helps you with all three of these requirements. Firstly it helps you to gain a set of clients by giving you the processes you need to show new clients that you will deliver their projects in a professional manner. Secondly it gives you a online project management tool set which includes all of the methods, processes, tools and project management templates to deliver projects successfully. And finally, it gives you the knowledge you need to boost your confidence and win new clients every week.

The MPMM Support Team

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