MPMM Enterprise edition for project management professionals

We are currently working on creating an Enterprise edition of MPMM to enable small, medium and large sized companies to install MPMM in a shared user environment. Users will then be able to create customized project manager processes and share them more easily. Administrators will be able to allocate users to projects and assign them a project management methodology for use. The advantage of this model is that companies will be able to retain all of their project management life cycle knowledge in one place, creating a knowledge centre for projects. MPMM will become their knowledge portal for their enterprise. They will be able to allocate methodologies to projects so that project teams know exactly what they have to complete, how and by when. Coming within the next 6 months it will be deployed on the Windows web server platform so that users can access MPMM within the internal network as well as remotely over the web.

The MPMM Support Team

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