Identify Stakeholders of the Project Management Methodology

Identify Stakeholders of the Implement Project Management Methodology Service

The online project management methodology is the overall framework for how project work will be managed, and everyone involved in projects or concerned with on-time delivery of project results within budget is a stakeholder. Anyone who’s work is defined within the project management methodology is a customer of the methodology.

Typical Customers
The initial implementation of a project management methodology may have a smaller set of customers than later, more advanced implementations. Since everyone who’s role is defined by the project management methodology is a customer of the methodology, a simple project management methodology focused on the core of the project will have few customers. Typically, this list would include a project manager, team leads, and project sponsors. However, a more developed methodology might have many customers.

Typical Other Stakeholders
There are several groups of stakeholders for a project management methodology. Anyone who is not a direct customer of the project management methodology, but who benefits from project success is a stakeholder. So, for example, if the project management methodology is small and simple, and does not currently define the roles of customers and vendors, then they are placed on the stakeholder list. In addition to beneficiaries, there are stakeholders who provide part of the project management methodology and who approve its use.

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