Moving and Copying Project Management Process Pages

Tip in Moving and Copying Project Management Process Pages

In MPMM, you can move and copy pages between project management process of your choice. If you’re using the Professional edition, then you can easily copy pages to and from any project management process, by using the “Copy” and “Move” pages. This feature is typically used when a person creates a brand new project management process and they wish to copy pages from the MPMM online project management process itself.

When you copy pages between methodologies, note that there is a checkbox called “Copy SubPages” on the right hand side. The purpose of this checkbox is to enable you to also copy or move all of the subpages related to the page that you have selected. For instance, say you were copying the Lifecycle page “Project Planning” into a new project management process. When you click to copy the page, you have the option of copying the subpages or not. If you tick it, then all of the pages that are displayed in the hierarchy under the page (in this case “create a Project Plan, Create a Resource Plan etc) would be copied over as well.

Don’t worry if you forget to check the box when you complete a copy or move. You can always copy or move the subpages over manually anyway if you wish.

The MPMM Support Team

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