Monitoring and Controlling a Project Management Life Cycle

Monitoring and Controlling a Project Management Life Cycle

Q: How could I evaluate the daily progress of a fabrication project? Is there any daily monitoring sheet you would like to advice or send me?

A: Using MPMM Project Management Life Cycle Standard or Professional you can closely monitor and control your project. There are a suite of project management processes that are included as well as a set of forms and project manager templates to help you to monitor progress on a daily basis as requested. For instance, you can use MPMM to:

  • Monitor time, using the Timesheet Form
  • Monitor cost, using the Expense Form
  • Monitor quality, using the Quality Register
  • Monitor changes, using the Change Register
  • Monitor risks, using the Risk Register
  • Monitor issues, using the Issue Register
  • Monitor procurement, using the Procurement Register
  • Monitor communications, using the Communications Register

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