Microsoft PowerPoint Project Management Process

Enquiry: I want to create a presentation for a project management environment. I didn’t see any options in the trial mode of MPMM Project Management Methodology. However the Project Management newsletter claims that through the MPMM Methodology we can create presentations. If it does so, is the MPMM Presentation the same quality as Microsoft PowerPoint.

Please provide a detailed view on this aspect of the MPMM Project Management Process package.

Answer: Nice to hear from you. Yes it’s true that you can use MPMM to help you create presentations. There are 2 parts to creating a presentation: 1) Creating all of the content, and 2) building the physical presentation itself.

MPMM helps you with 1) by giving you almost all of the content you need for presentations on projects. However it doesn’t actually do the presentation formatting itself as per 2) above. For that, most people use Microsoft Project PowerPoint.

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