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Q: Does TenStep setup come with MPMM?
A: No, the two products are completely separate. TenStep provides Project Management Consulting whereas MPMM provides a Project Management Tool for Project Managers.

Q: When saving templates from MPMM Professional what format are they saved in?
A: They are in Microsoft Word and Excel format.

Q: I see the price of the Project Management Software has been reduced by $100 til 8/31, are there any other discuounts you have on MPMM Professional.
A: This is the only discount advertised on our website.

Q: Can this project management software be bought in stores or is it only online? I’ve had bad experiences buying software on line from companies other not as well known as Microsoft and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to think of spending $500 and I have nothing in hand to show for it.
A: It is only available online. The reason is that we often update it, so by purchasing online project management, you get free upgrades in the future. I know what you mean about a boxed product, but the disadvantage is that when you buy a boxed product, you’re stuck with a single version. The other advantage is that you can download a free trial online, so you can see the value that the product has to offer, before purchase.

Q: Is the software also shipped to me for downloading purposes or only downloaded online?
A: Yes it’s only available online, for the above reasons.

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