Methodologies Are Used to Deploy a Set of Rules to Follow

There are many different methodologies used in the business world today. The correct one for your specific application is dependent on what discipline you are in. A few of the different approaches are the Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, and Lean methodologies. Each one has advantages and reasons for their development in the business world. One fact does stand out – there is not one methodology that is right for every situation.

The Waterfall methodology is one that is applicable for many manufacturing settings. Just like in a car manufacturing line. The different components are made, and then assembled in a pre-determined order until the car is completed, and driven off the line. This process is a steady progression from one step to the next.

The most efficient of the different methodologies deployed in the world today is the Lean methodology. This was developed after World War II in Japan, out of need. Because of the shortage of manpower and raw materials, the most had to be made out of what was available. This has been developed and improved over the years into a system called “Just in Time”.

Today, the Just in Time methodology is used to save money in the production of many different types of goods. Each step of the process is under constant review to only include what brings value to the product and the customer. If a step has no value, it is removed from the process and the product.

The Agile and Scrum methodologies were developed for the software industry, also out of need. When other methodologies were used, they fell short of the intended goals of the software projects. These were created in 2001 when a group of software engineers got together and issued the Agile Manifesto. This process emphasizes the cooperation and collaboration of the different team members to work together to complete a functioning software project.

Scrum is a modified Agile methodology that uses empirical process control, instead of best guess or uniformed forecasts to what should be the next step of the process, for software development

Choosing from the known methodologies is the fastest way to start the initiation process of your project so a successful plan can be developed.

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