Merging Project Management Methodology

Merging Project Management Methodology

Client Request:
I often have the situation where I have a new project, and two or more methodologies within MPMM are suitable. I want to be able to merge the methodologies to create a new project management methodology for my project. Is this possible?

Support Team Response:
Yes you can do this now, by creating a third project management methodology and then copying or moving the pages from the other two project methodologies into it. However in the future, we are considering enabling you to do this through the click of a button, rather than having to move the pages manually. The features offered by the MPMM professional edition currently, enable you to control manually, which pages are merged into a new project management methodology and which pages are not. You can select to merge the lifecycle, template or business case study pages of your choice. While we can provide you with a button that you click to merge methodologies of your choice, you would still have to select the pages that you wanted merged. Also, how would you treat pages that had the same name, had duplicate internal links or unique customizations? These are the types of questions that we will have to answer in order to provide the Merge feature to you. In the meanwhile, the process of merging two project methodologies manually, using the MPMM Professional Methodology Manager, is straight forward, quick and easy to use and it works well. You can also do this on Project Manager.

The MPMM Support Team

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