Merging Project Management Methodologies

Q: Can I merge 2 project management methodologies, and if so, under what circumstances should I do this?

A: This is a difficult question, as merging project management methodologies is not something that you should do lightly. First, ask yourself why you need to do this. Is it that you want to take the best part of both project methodologies and merge them into one superior methodology? Or are you trying to please two different project sponsors at the same time? You can merge project management methodologies in MPMM simply by dropping and dragging content from one project management methodology to another. However instead of tackling it this way, we suggest that you create a brand new project management methodology and copy the best elements of the other 2 methodologies into this new one. That way, your 2 original methodologies remain intact, and you don’t have to go through a laborious process of deleting the content you don’t need.

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