Master reseller program for MPMM project software

Within the next 3 months, we will release a new Master Reseller Program for MPMM Project Management Template Methodology resellers. A Master Reseller is responsible for the appointment and management of new Certified Resellers. It is a little like being a distributor, except that you can resell MPMM yourself. The advantages of being a Master Reseller for MPMM are that you can signup Certified Resellers and earn a commission of 10% of their annual sales activity. This means for instance that a Master Reseller who convinces five online project management consulting companies to join as resellers will earn a commission on all of the MPMM sales that those consulting companies make throughout the year. If you have a large number of contacts in the industry and you believe in the MPMM product set, then email us at to enquire about becoming a Master Reseller for MPMM now.

The MPMM Support Team

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