Managing your Project Management Methodologies

Latest Release Feature – Project Managment Methodologies

By using MPMM, you can create a full suite of project management methodologies to manage all project types and sizes within your business. Whether you’re managing a space launch, building of a new bridge or implementing a new IT system, you can customize the MPMM methodology to suit your specific project needs.

In this way, most organizations end up creating dozens of customized project management methodologies, based on the core methodology provided within MPMM. Regardless of the number of project management methodologies that you have within your organization, you can manage them efficiently using the MPMM “Methodology Project Manager”.

The project management methodologies tool kit which comes with the Professional edition, allows you to add new methodologies, delete them, rename them, describe them and duplicate them as you wish. You can of course customize each online project management methodology by creating and deleting new methodology pages, editing your page content and creating a project management process flow within a methodology which shows your team the steps you intend to take to complete the project.

The MPMM Support Team

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