Licensing for Project Management Methodologies

Licensing for Project Management Methodologies

What you are licensed and not licensed to do with MPMM? The best place to find out this information is by reading the “Terms” page, under the Starting Off tab. Here are the two most popular questions that are regularly asked about licensing:

Question: What are “Derivative Works”?
Answer: Derivate works are alterations to the MPMM project management methodologies that you create. They may be changes made to the lifecycle pages, templates, business case studies or other pages that are provided within the base product. For example if you were to open MPMM professional, duplicate the MPMM project management methodologies and then customize the duplicate, then the customized version would be called a “derivative work” as it has been derived from the core MPMM content. Any work that you create that is derived from the core content included within MPMM is a derived work. The other more popular example of a derived work is the filling in of a template. Say you export the online project management templates included within MPMM and then you fill them in for your project, then the completed version is a derived work.

Question: Who owns derived works?
Answer: The portion that we have created and you’re still using in the derived work remains our intellectual property. The portion that you create and is new and unique (i.e. not copied from MPMM or another source), you own. In most cases, if you create a brand new page or content within MPMM, then it’s clear that you own the content. However if you customize (e.g. “tweak”) certain MPMM pages, then the boundaries for ownership get a little more blurred. But at the end of the day, any content that we’re written, we own, and any content that you write (and is unique and novel), you own. It’s pretty much that simple.

The MPMM Support Team

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