Lean Methodology that Trims the Fat

There are several key components to a lean methodology approach to business. It is not as easy as trimming the fat off a steak. The process of being lean in a project is to use a business method that needs fewer workers with minimal capitalization by utilizing less material is a shorter amount of time during every phase of the project.

The lean methodology has been known by several different names since it was first developed at the end of World War II. The most universal of these names is the “Just in Time System”. Just like the name says, nothing is done too far ahead of when it is needed, but the pieces of the project must mesh correctly or the system will not function. Everyone in the project must be doing their part correctly all the time.

The important parts of a lean methodology approach have 5 factors. The first one is that the value to the customer is identified and then met. The second is the value stream in which the work flows. If a step of the process does not add value to the customer, it should be eliminated so no waste is generated.

The third step in lean methodology is the flow of a project from initiation to completion. All steps in a process should be optimized for efficiency so the value stream of the project can be achieved in the least amount of time.

The fourth step of lean methodology involves only supplying the material as it is needed. If there are no orders, then no production of that project should be underway. No inventory means lower overhead on storage and transportation of the products.

The last step is the attention to details so the streamlining of the project and its production is perfected. By constantly reviewing the process to remove any possible waste, the most efficient process can be achieved.

This way the lean methodology approach can maximize your profits with minimal capital input for an efficient running operation.

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