Latest Release Feature for Project Management Life Cycle

Latest Release FeatureĀ – Project Management Life Cycle

In the MPMM Version 3.0 release from 1 December 2006, we have included a suite of major new functionality. You can now create and customize as many project management life cycle as you wish, as well as create duplicates of the MPMM project management life cycle itself.

This is the first truly customizable project management life cycle on the market that we are aware of, so we hope that by providing you with these features that you find them useful. Please tell us what you think of Version 4 by emailing us at

In this latest release, you can create new project management life cycles, customize the MPMM project management life cycle, upload your own project management life cycle, add new methodology pages and create and edit your own page content. You can also upload and edit your own online project management templates, along with the project management templates already provided within MPMM.

The MPMM Support Team

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