Latest Feature Requests for Project Management Process

Latest Feature Requests for Project Management Process

Customer: “We would like to be able to change the content in MPMM project management process, to use our own Project Management Terminology”
Support: “You will be able to do this in Version 3.0 coming out soon. You can open any page and customize the content as you wish. You can also change the MPMM Glossary as you wish.”

Customer: “Why can’t we upload our own templates into MPMM and create links to them from the existing methodology?”
Support: “In Version 3.0, you can do exactly this. You will be able to import project management templates into MPMM project management process and build a link from any content page to that template. That way you can completely customize the content and documents stored in MPMM as you wish.”

Customer: “I know that MPMM project mangement process is related to Prince2 and PMI PMBOK, but how about including those products in MPMM?”
Support: “We’re currently looking into this. Ideally we would like to include all of the worldwide project management standards within MPMM project management process itself, so it becomes your methodology ‘super-tool’.

Customer: “I want to upload my current home-made methodology into MPMM.”
Support: “Yes, in MPMM project management process version 3.0 you can do this. Basically you will use Microsoft Word to save your methodology in HTML format and then simply upload it onto the product. Once uploaded, you can customize it to your hearts content.”

Customer: “What about document management and workflow?”
Support: “We’re looking into this one as well. It’s likely that we will add document management and workflow features early next year.”

Customer: “Can you please make it so that I can upload my own Case Studies, so I can present them during training courses.”
Support: “Sure. We’ve added this new feature to MPMM project management software for Version 3.0”

Version 3.0 “Customizable MPMM projet management process”┬áis due to be released by 10th December 2006.

The MPMM Support Team

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