Is Agile Methodology Right for your Business

The agile methodology was the result of the formulation of the Agile Manifesto in 2001. This methodology for developing a software program is the evolution of a solution that involves the collaboration of many teams that work together, based on an iterative development approach.

When the agile methodology approach is used, then the project manager must constantly be adapting to the needed changes that occur when an inspection of the product is undertaken. To achieve the best possible results, inspections must be frequent and thorough. The key ingredient the project manager must emphasize throughout the project is camaraderie within the team. This helps to build trust and their team’s ability to work effectively together.

The ability for team members to be self-organized and responsible enough to be accountable for their contributions is vital. The rapid development of good quality software from a group of engineers that follow the correct philosophy of this agile approach to work is how a company and their customers’ needs are met, in the shortest amount of time.

The agile methodology, which is fast developing and versatile, was developed from the waterfall model that was slow and cumbersome. By adapting to the needs of the industry for faster results with high quality, this agile approach was developed.

The process involved in the core of the agile methodology is the Agile Manifesto. This emphasizes the individual and their interaction over typical processes, and the tools that govern most developmental stages in the process of creating a software program. Other emphasized differences from the norm are working software over summary documentation with constructive input from customers encouraged.

The last factor that really makes the agile methodology work efficiently is the team members’ ability to constantly respond in the correct manner, and quickly adapt, to the changes that are occurring. Those individuals that only adhere to a preset plan of attack and cannot adapt to the changes will hinder the process.

This is the way the agile methodology can achieve its ultimate goal of producing a software package to the customer in a rapid timeframe that is beneficial to their business and develops a fast developing revenue stream for the company.

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