Integrating a Project Management Methodology in your Organization

Integrating a project management methodology into your organization is a process that is now seen as necessary so you can compete in the modern global business environment. By using this business tool as part of your organization, the path in which your project should follow are already laid out in advance so indecision is reduced and productivity is increased.

The most common type of project management methodology to use in today’s business environment is the lifecycle methodology. This is a four phase program that includes every step and task that are essential to having a successful project. When this approach to running a project is taken, the manger can expect most obstacles to already be handled in advance of encountering them.

This is key to any project management methodology, the avoidance of issues and risks that can cause a delay in the progression of the project. The greater the number of delays, the less likelihood the project will be able to meet the schedules approved in the business case. There will also be a greater likelihood of the project becoming diverted from its goals when beset by problems.

To help avoid this type of occurrence, the project management methodology is separated in four distinctive phases that have to be done in a particular order so the goals of the project can be achieved. Each phase is like a set of instructions for the phase to follow so the next phase can commence. This allows for an efficient mechanism to be pursued when constructing a project and then executing it.

The initiation phase of the project management methodology is built on the sound premise that the investigation into the viability of the business venture is sound. There are many different components of the initiation phase to make sure this premise is made.

The rest of the project is then set upon the foundation in the first phase of the project management methodology. The others that build upon this foundation include the planning phase, execution phase and the conclusion phase. Eat has an important role to play in brining a deliverable from an idea to a product ready for the global market place.

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