Improve the Implement Project Management Methodology

Improve the Implement Project Management Methodology Service

The same three aspects of the methodology that can be evaluated can be improved:
– Implementation.
– The project management template methodology document.
– The methodology in use.

Here are typical improvements for each of these aspects of methodology implementation.

Here are common ways to improve methodology implementation
– Improve publicity. Ensure that every methodology customer and stakeholder is encouraged to familiarize themselves with, and comply with the methodology. Especially ensure that they know what training opportunities are available, the benefits of compliance, and the consequences of non-compliance.
– Improve training. Methodologies are complex. Even highly capable project managers find them demanding even using project management software. Ensure that training reaches each customer at his level of knowledge. Also ensure that the training is as practical as possible. Project managers should leave the training able to apply the methodology and confident that doing so will improve project results.

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