Improve Project Management Processes Service

Identify Stakeholders of the Improve Project Management Processes Service

Customers of the Improve Processes service are those who use the project management processes. Stakeholders are those who interact with process users, or who benefit from project success.

Typical Customers

-If the PMO offers only core <a href=>project management template</a> processes, then its only customers are project managers and team leads. As the PMO adds a wider set of processes, more customers are added. Here are some examples:
– If the PMO adds estimation processes, then project team members become customers and use the project management processes to estimate their own work.
– If the PMO adds project review project management processes, then the project sponsor and other project stakeholders who approve project phases become customers of this service.
– If the <a href=/>project manager</a> adds requirements definition processes, then customers of the project, even external customers, become customers of this service.
– If the PMO adds processes that standardize vendors’ reporting of deliverables, then the vendors become customers of this service.

As the customer list grows, the training provided must grow and adapt to serve the users at various levels (technical, managerial, and executive) inside and outside the company.

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