Improve Project Management Methodology Processes Service

Define the Improve Processes Service

Follow the four steps shown in this diagram to define the key features of the Improve Processes Service:

1. Decide to Offer
2. Define Key Features
3. Prepare Activity Matrix
4. Define Stakeholders, Processes, and Outputs

– Decide to offer. Decide whether or not to offer this service, and when to launch it.
– Define key features. Define the administrative information, key features, and benefits of the Improve Online Project Management Processes Service.
– Prepare activity matrix. Define the activities that each team member will perform and assign the work.
– Define stakeholders, processes, and outputs. After key features are defined, continue to develop the service by completing the remaining sections of the Service Plan and additional Project Management Templates.

Which PMOs should provide the Improve Processes Service?

All PMOs should provide the Improve Processes Service. Indeed, it could be argued that improving project management processes is the core function of any PMO. Processes are the step-by-step instructions that, if followed, ensure that the project will:

– Implement the PMO’s chosen project management methodology
– Comply with all relevant project management methodology standards
– Operate using standards and best practices, and therefore have the greatest chance of delivering acceptable results on time and within budget

In addition, when all projects use the same processes, efficiency improves due to standardization of processes across projects, programs, and the portfolio.

In performing the Improve Processes Service, the PMO makes the processes available to those who will use them, ensures training is available, and then improves those processes.

The PMO should launch the Improve Processes Service early in the PMO Execution Phase, in coordination with the Implement Methodology Service and other general services. For a full discussion of this, see the Implement Methodology Life Cycle Page.

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