Importing and Exporting Project Management Methodology Templates

Latest Release Feature – Project Management Methodology

When you create your own customized project management methodology using MPMM, you will in essence be building a single project management methodology which should be followed to complete your project. During this process, it’s often useful to have project management templates to hand, to help you to complete that particular process quickly and efficiently. For instance when managing project risk, you should have a set of project risk management templates available which help you to identify, categorize, mitigate and track risks within your projects.

While MPMM comes with a complete set of project management methodology templates, there are always unique templates that a Project Manager has up his or her sleeve that they want to use of their own.

So to allow Project Managers and teams to use their own project management methodology templates in conjunction with the MPMM methodology, we’ve designed the Methodology Manager (available in the Professional Edition) to be capable of uploading external template content.

You can therefore upload your existing project management methodology templates into MPMM and merge them with your project management methodology, so that at the right time, you can simply click the “Export” button and extract your templates into Microsoft Office for completion.

The MPMM Support Team

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