How to use Project Management Case Studies to Benefit your Organization

How to use project management case studies to benefit your organization is an important concept to know. Just like with anything that has a history, there is information and data that can be acquired so mistakes of the past can be known and prevented in the future. This alone will increase the percentage of your projects that will become successful.

By studying project management case studies of the past within your own organization, you will be able to find things that went wrong. This can be in one of the 9 process a project contains or as part of the production of your deliverable. The best place to get a starting point to know when these events occurred is to ask the project manager that was in charge of them. When this is not possible, the next best option is to look at the projects that were considered failures.

When looking for the failures for your project management case studies project, you need to consider the ones that failed in both not meeting the time constraints of the project plan as well as the set budget. These are the two biggest reasons a project and the production of the deliverable were considered a failure. There is a record within each organization listing these projects.

When you are conducting your project management case studies, look for the root cause for the failure and not just the surface consequence that is stated. As an example if you ran out of a raw material, why did it really occur? Was it because it was not ordered in time or there was a weather related issue? It could also be because of problems with your supplier. To help avoid this situation in the future, you should have multiple suppliers of all the raw materials you need for the completion of your project.

Looking for the root cause in the project management case studies is the best way to determine a solution for your future business venture. Learning from the past is not restricted to decisions a government makes.

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