How to Import Project Management Methodologies

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That you can import and export project management methodologies in MPMM? That’s right, you can use MPMM to create your own unique project management methodologies and then use the Export and Import features to swap project management methodologies with other licensed users. There are a variety of situations that you may wish to distribute your project management methodologies created in MPMM. Firstly, if you’re a manager of a team and you customize the MPMM methodology for your projects then why not distribute your project management methodologies to other licensed users within your team?

Using the Settings button, you can select the “Export” button to export your entire project management methodology as a single data file. This means that all of your MPMM lifecycle pages, templates and business case studies for the methodology you have selected, will be exported as a single data file. You can then send this data file to another licensed user to import into MPMM using the “Import” feature included. As long as you and your colleagues are both using the Professional Edition of MPMM, you can create and share as many methodologies as you wish. It’s easy to Export and Import methodologies.

Another popular situation under which people export and import methodologies is when MPMM resellers (typically consultants or trainers) undertake a project for a client. As part of this project, the client expects to receive a project management methodology which has been customized for their particular project environment. By using MPMM project management methodologies, the reseller will create a customized version of MPMM and then distribute it to their client for usage. In fact, if the reseller was to create a totally unique project methodology in MPMM (by using the project management software features, but not the content provided), then they would own all of the content that they had created – enabling them to sell their methodology to a licensed MPMM customer.

By using the Export and Import features, you can easily share project management methodologies with other licensed users.

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