How to buy MPMM Project Methodology

Q: How can I buy MPMM if I do not have a visa or master card?

A: We have a suite of different options available to purchase the MPMM online project management methodology in case you do not have a visa or mastercard. Firstly, if you want to access the license key to use MPMM immediately, then you can enter one of a number of alternative cards such as: AMEX, Maestro, Solo, Visa Delta and JCB cards. If you decide that you want to buy MPMM off-line, then you can either fax us your card details, send us a check, wire transfer the payment, send a money order or pay by western union. In this way, there are a variety of ways to access the complete project management template process included in MPMM.

The MPMM Support Team

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