How to activate the project management software

Q: I recently purchased the MPMM Professional edition, I then downloaded it from your website and installed it successfully. I then downloaded it again and installed it at home, but when I went to activate it, I had activation problems. It kept asking me to activate the software or to buy another license.

A: When you download the MPMM project management software, you are required to install and activate it to gain continued use. The reason for requiring activation is that our licensing database needs to know when you have installed it so that it can legally manage the number of licenses you have purchased. In this case, you have purchased a single user license for work. You have installed the project management software there successfully. You have then tried to activate a second copy at home. It has disallowed the activation as you are trying to use two licenses for the project management templates when you have only purchased one. In order to activate it successfully at home, you will need to purchase a second license as well. Most project management software on the market only allow a single activation per user license and we have designed the MPMM project management software to operate in the same way.

The MPMM Support Team

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