Getting Multi-User Project Management Process License Credits

Getting Multi-User Project Management Process License Credits

Q: We have purchased one license to use the MPMM project management process product. We are considering buying a multi-user license so that the entire team can use this valuable project management process. However I want to know, if we buy a multi-user license will we get a credit for the license that we have already purchased?

A: Yes. If you upgrade from a single license for MPMM to a multi-user license, then we may give you a credit on your first purchase. If you send us a formal request by email, we will review your case and consider giving you a 100% credit on your single user license purchase. Whether we issue the credit or not depends on the number of licenses you have purchased already and the number that you are going to upgrade to. For instance, if you were to upgrade from a single user to a ten user license, then we would consider the request favourable. However if you wanted to upgrade from a three user to a four user license, then the request may be less likely to succeed. We will always like to help you to achieve the optimal number of licenses for your project management life cycle team. The licensing is similar with Project Manager .com.

The MPMM Support Team

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