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Q: Is your free offer on maintenance extended to multiple licenses orĀ for single licenses only?

A: At the moment we have a free offer when you purchase any MPMM project management license, whether it be for the project management professional, standard or educational editions. This free offer allows you to get what we call extended maintenance for a period of 12 months for free. This means we will provide you with a userid and a password to be able to download the latest project management software editions for MPMM for the next 12 months for free. Most project management software companies usually charge at least 20% of the license price, for upgrades for a 12 month period. We have decided that for the short term we will give this away for free. This means that you will be able to download the latest project management software updates from any time over the next 12 months for free, included in your MPMM purchase. This offer does extend to multi-user licenses of all size. The offer is currently a special offer and will therefore only be available for a limited period of time.

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The MPMM Support Team

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