Following the Lean Methodology is now the way Businesses are run.

No matter what industry you are in, the lean methodology approach to running your business affairs has become the norm. The days of waste and extravagances are over for a majority to the organizations operating today. This has come about largely due to the global economy and the competition that it has created.

The introduction of the lean methodology back just after World War Two was due to a manpower shortage in Japan. It was a necessity and like most necessities they spawn new and creative ways and approaches to looking at a problem. They also help to create a new way of thinking.

The lean methodology approach to manufacturing made it possible to create more with less. At the time of its creation, it made it possible for the Japanese to become an economic power house. In less than 40 years they became the 2nd largest economy in the world.

The development of the lean methodology has been a constantly ongoing project for those that have decided to implement it. In the early days, not much thought was given to the quality of the products being produce, just the volume. Today that has all changed. The customers of the world require for a product to be of a specified quality so they can rely on it.

Today’s target audience demand more out of the items they purchase. For the businesses that utilize the lean methodology approach to business, running lean no longer includes volume over quality. The quality part of the process is now incorporated into the constant review of the process that creates the deliverables. It was an easy adaptation to make because project team members were already looking for waste to cut. At the same time they looked for way to increase the quality of the product they were producing.

The lean methodology is now here to stay and will always be used in some form in the manufacturing sector of business. The approach to reducing waste in a process or business activities is now being used in nearly every sector of the business world. This has helped to reduce the amount of manpower needed by businesses and also increase their profits.

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